What Are Concrete Roof Tiles?

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Learn More About Concrete Roof Tiles

When it comes to adding attractive and durable roofing materials to your roof consider the addition of concrete roof tiles. These roofing materials are able to last for decades and come in many versatile styles and color options that will be sure to add a desired aesthetic to your property. They have heightened protection against the elements and are fairly easy to maintain, get in touch with your local roofer today if you’d like to learn more about concrete roof tiles. Until then, here is some general background information surrounding concrete roof tile that may prove of use to you.

Are concrete roof tiles good?

Concrete roof tiles are a popular premium roofing material to select as they are able to live long roof life and can outperform other roofing materials. They are resistant to high winds, hail, and fire which makes them a great option against inclement weather.

What does a concrete tile roof look like?

The appearance of concrete roof tiles can vary as they can simulate the appearance of wood shakes, traditional clay, slate, and stone materials. The surfaces can be smooth or textured with the tile edges varying in a ragged or uniform style. 

What is the lifespan of concrete roof tiles?

The average lifespan of concrete roof tiles is at a minimum of 60 years, yet the underlayment will have a shorter life which generally lasts around 40 years. This is based on average conditions and depending on the region you live and upkeep the amount of time can vary.

How do you maintain a concrete tile roof?

Concrete roof tiles are best maintained with routine roof inspections, cleaning, debris removal, checks for roof algae or moss, and spot repairs if needed. With any roofing material, an annual inspection at the very least will help detect minor issues before they grow into bigger problems. Having an inspection completed every fall and spring season is a good idea. As for cleaning, you need to watch out for moss or algae; using a low-pressure washer can remove unwanted growth from the tiles. You may be able to avoid tiles from cracking under pressure with an indirect spray of lukewarm water before cleaning. As far as removing debris make sure your gutters are not clogged as water and leaves can spill over to your roof. This can cause water build-up and leaks. Trim your tree branches from hanging over the roof and remove leaves and moss from the surface of the tiles. If you notice any cracks or broken tiles have spot repairs conducted to avoid the spread of roofing problems or having roof leaks developing from the perforations.

Can you clean concrete roof tiles?

Concrete roof tiles can be pressure washed yet make sure that the water pressure matches with the roofing material as too much strength can be damaging. In order to remove dirt, algae, or mildew the pressure washer should be set at a max of 1200. Make sure that the tip of the nozzle on the pressure cleaner is 12-24 inches from the surface of the tile. You may even be able to clean tiles down by hand yet be careful if on the roof. Some may even use a bleach and water combination yet be careful of the amount of bleach used.

Can you walk on concrete roof tiles?

Although concrete roof tiles are strong they’re not made to be walked on. You might put stress on the materials which could loosen or crack them.

Tile roof concrete gray color under construction with stacks on roof

How do you know when to replace roof tiles?

  • Roof Age
  • Shingles Curling & Buckling
  • Roof Valleys Falling or Missing in Areas
  • Missing or Broken Tiles
  • Exposed or Damaged Chimney Flashing
  • Broken Pieces in Gutters
  • Daylight Through the Roof Boards

Should concrete roof tiles be sealed?

Concrete roof tiles won’t need to be re-sealed and the process is optional. Concrete tiles are pretty resilient to water absorption in general. What’s more the pitch of the roof and the way that the tiles overlap will mean that water won’t seep directly into the property.

Do concrete roof tiles fade?

Concrete roof tiles are manufactured with an integral pigment that will color the entire thickness of the tile yet the color will fade over time. 

Is painting your roof tiles a good idea?

Painting concrete roof tiles is a good idea as it will assist in reducing heat loss which will allow you to save on your heating bills. What’s more, the development of moss will be avoided. After pressure cleaning and priming are completed and dried, try to go in with 100% acrylic paint. 

Speak to Your Local Roofer About Concrete Roof Tiles

If you’d like to learn more about concrete roof tiles get in contact with a local qualified roofing company for more information. Concrete roof tiles are an attractive premium roofing material that can be a great way to add roofing protection as well as style to your home. 

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