Emergency Roofing

emergency roof repair

When You Are In Need of Emergency Roof Repair, We Are Here to Help

What are you supposed to do if a tree limb has fallen onto your house? Or if a metal panel on your roof has suddenly come loose due to high-speed winds? The answer is simple. You should call Mobile Roofing & Construction. Our roofing team is highly competent and will be able to help you navigate this stressful process by using tried and true methods, and excellent customer service. When you give us a call at 251-888-0301, you can expect a receptive ear. We will note all the details about your home or property over the phone, and send over a competent roofing professional as soon as possible. We can help you with emergency roof repair in Mobile, AL. 

Is Your Roof Leaking? Please Give Us a Call

Your roof needs to be strong and resilient regardless of what the weather is like outside. In the summer, hot UV rays drench your home in the heat. In the winter, freezing temperatures prevail. If your roof has any perforations or cracks, the outside weather can come into your home. This means diminished energy efficiency and potential roof leaks. Roof leaks are very serious business. When water starts intruding into your home, it seeps into your roof underlayment, and furthermore, into your ceiling and walls. When this happens, water damage occurs, and mold and mildew are never far behind. It’s our job as roofing professionals to make sure that your roof is impenetrable. As always, please feel free to reach out to us at 251-888-0301 if you have any roof concerns.

Concrete Tile Roof Repairs, Asphalt Shingle Roof Repairs, and More

One of the most important things that we can do for you as roofing contractors is to discuss your future roofing options. For instance, if you would like to switch to a metal or concrete tile roof, it is our job to advise you through the process. We will be sure to discuss your budget, your projections for roof longevity, and more. We always aim for utmost customer satisfaction. That means that we want to meet you where you are with your current roof needs and improve your roof so that it performs well both today and tomorrow.

Commercial and Residential Emergency Roof Repairs When You Need Them Most

Did you know that we perform commercial as well as residential roofing repairs? It’s important for you to know that if you have a commercial property in addition to a residential property, that we can help if you need roof repairs. Flat roofs can be especially vulnerable to water elements. If you notice that your roof has water pooling in strange or unusual areas of your roof for long periods of time, you may need emergency roof repairs. In such cases, we would be happy not only to repair your roof but to perform a proper roof restoration.

Our Team Are Here to Help You First

Our number one priority at our professional roofing company is to make sure that our customers have great-performing roofs. Over the years we have developed a reputation for creating solid roofs that perform well under duress. We would be happy to improve your property so that you and your family will be safe and secure for years to come.

When you need an emergency roof repair in Mobile, AL, it’s important for you to have the quick-response experts on the case. Please give us a phone call at 251-888-0301 to get started on your service today.